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Underwater Repairs

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Under Water Maintenance Professional Experience

With more than a generation in the commercial diving company business, we've delivered quality service to a number of high-level clients. Some of our notable clientele include the Federal Highway Administration (National Highway Institute), United States Coast Guard, and United States Navy. . At Spear's Diving Service, we believe in completing each job with the excellence you deserve, no matter how big, small, or deep your project may be.

Underwater Maintenance by Experienced Divers

For more than 40 years, Spear's Diving Service has been dedicated to meeting all of our your needs with exceptional service and a commitment to safety. In order to provide quality assurance during all phases of work, we document our progress with written reports, as well as underwater photography and video. Our divers are dedicated to your satisfaction, and provide a full inspection followed by any necessary repairs upon your approval. Based in Edenton, North Carolina, our experienced team of traveling divers offers the following salvage and marine engineering services:

• Underwater Cutting & Welding
• Underwater Construction & Repair
• Underwater Inspection, Cleaning, & Maintenance of Intake & Discharge Structures
• Underwater Inspection of Marine Construction Projects
• Recovery of Vessels Lost to Storms, Accidents, Etc.
• Salvage Recovery
• Fiberglass Jacketing & Epoxy/Urethane Injection
• Pier Piling Replacement or Repair
• Steel, Wood, & Concrete Support Repair